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MedSource Head Immobilizer

The MedSource Head Immobilizer is universally compatible with any backboard or scoop stretcher.

Vinyl-coated foam allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The extra-large head blocks provide maximum support, while the ear holes allow easy patient communication and monitoring. Large hook-and-loop straps create a sturdy foundation for every application.

Item Number Description
MS-91000 Head Immobilizer Complete, Orange
MS-91001 Replacement Head/Chin Straps
MS-91002 Replacement Head Blocks
MS-91003 Replacement Base

MedSource Multi Strap Saver

The MedSource Multi Strap Saver is an economical, disposable, single patient use strapping system.

The MedSource Multi Strap Saver is made of durable 2” poly webbing with hook and loop closures and is designed to loop though backboard handholds and secure patients to a backboard. The Multi Strap Saver is disposable and designed for single patient use to eliminate the need for cleaning or disinfecting difficult strapping systems.


  • 2” poly webbing
  • Sold by the each

Item Number Description
MS-95010  Multi Strap Saver

MedSource Patient Mover

The MedSource Advanced Patient Mover is designed to assist in the transport and rescue of patients from areas that are diffcult to access with traditional stretchers.

This compact mover is constructed from heavy-duty, non-woven materials and is able to carry up to 1,500 lbs. The fabric is impervious to fluids and the 14 handles allow for extra handlers when carrying larger patients.

Item Number Description
MS-95202  Advanced Patient Mover, 10/Case

MedSource INSTANT Immobilizer

INSTANT Immobilizer

The Instant Immobilizer is a complete system for your head immobilization needs. The straight forward design allows for instant and easy use. Available in three sizes. Head Straps and Chin Straps are included with each unit. The head straps come equipped with a foam pad to cover the forehead and prevent the straps from sticking to skin and hair.

Item Number Description
MS-91010 INSTANT Head Immobilizer, Adult
MS-91012 INSTANT Head Immobilizer, Pediatric
MS-91014 INSTANT Head Immobilizer, Infant

MedSource Pediatric Immobilization Board

The MedSource Pediatric Immobilization Board allows easy immobilization of infants and children with spinal injuries.

It is MRI compatible. The heavy duty nylon cover is durable and will withstand harsh field treatment. The special harness system is integral to the device. It allows easy manipulation of the patient for the proper airway management and radiological procedures.

When the patient is positioned, the spine is functionally maintained in an aligned static position. The leg straps are designed for immobilization of each leg separately for treatment.

Item Number Description
Pediatric Immobilization Board, Black

MedSource Disposable Head Immobilizer

Our disposable head immobilizers offer efficient simplicity.

They can be applied to an injured person by one attendant in a fraction of the time required for other devices. Allow total accessibility to the throat and ears.

Made from a non-gaseous closed-call foam, they are also water and stain resistant.

Measuring 5" H x 5" W x 10" L, with a total weight of 7oz.

Ideal for many other non-emergency cases. Suitable for orthopedic scoop stretchers, backboard, and most other carrying devices.

Size is universal and can be used with or without a cervical collar.

Item Number Description
MS-91020  Disposable Head Immobilizer

MedSource Extrication Device

Ideal for immobilizing and extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces.

The MedSource Extrication Device is easy to apply and extremely effective, offering a combination of excellent vertical rigidity and horizontal flexibility. Rip-stop fabric and durable interior slats ensure longevity.

Straps are color coded for ease of application. Can be used on pregnant and pediatric patients. Complete package includes head support, reusable head straps, and carrying bag.

Item Number Description
MS-ED2253 Extrication Device, Green
MS-ED3000 Extrication Device, Red

MedSource Baird Strap

The MedSource BAIRD Strap is a fast and efficient method to secure a patient to a backboard.

The MedSource Baird Strap provides a fast and efficient method for securing a patient to a backboard. Consisting of 5 individual extra long straps, 100” x 1” with plastic D-rings, the BAIRD Strap offers flexibility when securing patients of any size..


  • 5 straps per pack
  • 1” x 100” poly webbing
  • (2.54cm x 254cm)

Item Number Description
MS-95015  BAIRD Strap

MedSource Deluxe Backboard - Green

With new offset pins you can now use loop end or clip in straps!

The board allows for easy maneuvering with significant reduction of spinal disturbance to the patient. New and improved runners will keep the board raised for easy access lift. The board has larger handholds designed to accommodate gloved hands.

Molded-in speed clip pins maximize strapping options. This lightweight one piece molded board is comprised of a combination of tough, space age materials resulting in a hygienically clean surface with no seams, cracks, or crevices.

  • Runners keep the board raised for easy access lift
  • Larger handholds designed to accommodate gloved hands
  • Molded-in speed clip pins maximize strapping options
  • Lightweight one-piece molded board
  • 100% X-ray translucent feature gives users an extra clear view of the spinal area
  • Compatible with most head immobilizers
  • Easy to clean

It's 100% x-ray translucent feature gives an extra clear view of the spinal areas.

Floats for water rescue. compatible with most head immobilizers. Easy to clean. Impact resistant to blood, oils, acids and other chemical contaminants.

Item Number Description
MS-93000 Deluxe Backboard, Green

MedSource Fast Stretcher

The MedSource Fast Stretcher assists in the transport of the sick and injured in awkward and diffcult circumstances.

The MedSource Fast Stretcher provides a means of transport in difficult situations. Light, and strong, the small size makes it easy to store. 10 handholds allow for several people to assist in moving larger patients.


  • 76” x 30” (193cm x 76cm)
  • 500 lb Capacity (226.7kg)
  • 10 Handles
  • 2-6 People Use (4 recommended)
  • Water Resistant, Fluid Impervious

Item Number Description
MS-95220 Fast Stretcher

MedSource Total Lifter Patient Transport Pad

The Total LIFTER patient transport pad is a breakthrough device that provides an easier method for lifting, moving and extracting victims. Ideal for rescue, medics and hospitals.

Features include:

  • Supports up to 1,000 pounds
  • Easy lifts with four to eight persons
  • Anti-tear handles
  • Provides warmth - reduces trauma impact
  • Super light-weight only 2 pounds
  • Single Handle Load rating: 250 pounds
  • Minimizes infections due to an anti-microbial polyester fabric
  • 1 per poly bag
  • 10 per carton
  • Total Lifter Dimensions: 42" x 72"
  • Carton Dimensions: 15" x 13" x 21"

Fluid Resistance:  Oils, alcohol, cleaning fluids, transmission fluids and brake fluids.


Item Number Description
MS-95200 Total Lifter Patient Transport Pad

MedSource Stair Chair

The Stair Chair aids in safely removing a patient from cramped quarters.

5" rear wheels enable easy transport across most surfaces. The Stair Chair comes with three quick release buckle patient restraints, easy to clean soft vinyl back seat and telescoping front handles.

Specifications: Seat Width Seat Depth All Handles Extended All Handles Retracted/Folded Weight Height Overall Width Wheel Size Strap Length Folded Length Folded Width Folded Depth Maximum Load Limit 17 in (43cm) 17 in (43cm) 46 in (115cm) 27 in (69cm) 23 lb (10.4 kg) 36 in (91cm) 20 in (51cm) 5 in (13cm) 60 in (152cm) 36 in (91cm) 20 in (51cm) 7 in (18cm) 350 lb (159kg)

item Number Description
MS-90042 Stair Chair

MedSource Aluminum Break-Apart Stretcher

MedSource Aluminum Break-Apart Stretcher

The MedSource Aluminum Break-Apart Stretcher is designed to be gently maneuvered under the patient without rolling or lifting. An open center permits the patient to be X-rayed while remaining immobilized on the stretcher. Composed of lightweight aluminum with an adjustable length and 3 patient restraint straps. Length: 67" - 80.5" Width: 17" Maximum Weight Capacity: 350lbs

Item Number Description
MS-SCP123-S Aluminum

MedSource X-ray Translucent Break-Apart Stretcher

MedSource X-ray Translucent Break-Apart Stretcher

The MedSource X-ray translucent Break-Apart Stretcher is constructed of impact-resistant, lightweight,easy-to-clean polyethylene plastic. The head section is recessed to provide proper cervical alignment, allowing the patient’s spine to remain in the position found. Comes with 3 patient restraint straps.

Length: 63.5" - 78" Width: 18" Maximum Weight Capacity: 350lbs

Item Number Description
MS-SCP124 X-ray Translucent