MedSource Nasal Cannula, Adult & Pediatric

MedSource nasal cannula is designed for patients requiring medium or low concentrations of oxygen.

The over-the-ear design maintains proper positioning of nasal tips, while allowing complete freedom of movement. Star lumen supply tubing is durable and kink-resistant. All varieties of nasal cannula are individually packed.

Pediatric Nasal Cannula Our Pediatric cannula features the same over-the-ear design, plus softened flexible tips for extra patient comfort.

Packaging: MS-24003 - 50/cs MS-24004 - 50/cs MS-24005 - 50/cs MS-24006 - 25/cs MS-24007 - 20/cs MS-24008 - 50/cs MS-24101 - 50/cs MS-20007 - 50/cs

Item Number Description Length
MS-24003 Nasal Cannula, non-flared tip 7'
MS-24004 Nasal Cannula, flared tip 7'
MS-24005 Nasal Cannula, non-flared tip 14'
MS-24006 Nasal Cannula, non-flared tip 25'
MS-24007 Nasal Cannula, non-flared tip 50'
MS-24008 Nasal Cannula, non-flared tip with Universal Connector 7'
MS-24101 Nasal Cannula, Pediatric 7'
MS-20007 Star Lumen 02 Tubing Only 7'

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