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MedSource Alcohol and PVP Prep Pads

Medium Alcohol & PVP Prep Pads

  • 2-ply sterile medium pads
  • Use for preparation of skin prior to injection
  • Four layer wrappers prevents drying out
Alcohol Prep Pads contain 70% Isopropyl alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action. PVP Prep Pads contain 10% povidone Iodine for optimum anti-bacterial action.

Alcohol Prep Pads

PVP Prep Pads

Item Number Description Packaging
MS-17402 Alcohol Prep Pads 200 Pads/Box
MS-17502 PVP Medium Prep Pads 100 Pads/Box

MedSource Blood Pressure Cuff Barrier

The MedSource Blood Pressure Cuff Barrier is a better solution in the fight against cross-contamination than expensive, disposable blood pressure cuffs or disinfecting cuffs. The PB Cuff Barrier is a single-use, sleeve-like barrier that protects patients from contaminations.

Material Make Up:

Non-woven poly propylene with elastic ends Color: White Size: 50cm x 29cm Gram Weight: 35gm

Packaging: 500/Case

Item Number Description
MS-44000 Blood Pressure Cuff Barrier

MedSource Disposable Face Shield

The MedSouce disposable face shield offers high quality and affordability. The shield is made of an anti-fog material for better clarity, an elastic band for a snug fit around the head and a forehead foam piece for added comfort. Latex-Free.

Item Number Description
MS-12100 Disposable Face Shield, 24/bx

MedSource Sharps Dart

The MedSource Sharps Dart features a simple, one-handed operation to open and close the disposal opening. The convenient size fits easily into carry bags for EMS, Fire/Rescue and Nursing for containment of used IV catheters and smaller syringes.

The leak-resistant cap offers a secure closure between uses when properly closed and the new locking lid ensures containment of contents. The large disposal opening easily accommodates small syringes and other sharps waste.


  • Small Size
  • One Handed Operation
  • Locking Lid
  • Puncture Resistant Bottom


  • Portable for EMS Professionals
  • Safely dispose of sharps immediately after use
  • Once Sharp is contained with a locked lid risk of sharp stick is eliminated
  • The heavy weight plastic bottom has been tested and proved puncture resistant

510K Cleared.

Item Number Description
MS-64250  Sharps Dart, 24/Case

MedSource ZIP Bag

The MedSource ZIP Bag is designed to use for emesis, urine, infectious waste materials, contaminated bandages, scene garbage,or as a security bag for patient belongings and evidence.

The bag’s strap helps keep the bag open when in use or pull it tight for a secure seal. The ZIP Bag comes with an option to have a hook or not. Use the hook to hang the bag on overhead rails, IV poles, the bed frame, or a belt loop.

Item Number Description
MS-17367  ZIP Bag, 12/pk, 480/cs

MedSource Yack Sack - Personal Access Bag

The MedSource Yack Sack (Personal Access Bag) is ideal for vomit and urine disposal.

The special regulating system seals contents in the bag. The easy to use opening creates a funnel for a mess free use.

Item Number Description
MS-17360 Personal Access Bag, 240/Case

MedSource Post-Mortem Bag / Body Bag

Made of strong high-grade plastic with bound edges.

Includes 3 identification tags.

Standard MS-BOD100

  • 7mm. high strength virgin vinyl
  • Envelope style zipper for easy access
  • Rust resistant #5 nylon zipper
  • 36" x 90"

Heavy-Duty MS-BOD200

  • Sealed seams for superior leakage resistance
  • Center pull zipper for easy access
  • 14 oz. 18mm. heavy-duty vinyl
  • 42" x 90", 84" girth

Pediatric MS-BOD300

  • 7mm high strength virgin vinyl
  • Envelope style zipper for easy access
  • Rust resistant #5 nylon zipper
  • 33" x 49"

Item Number Description
MS-BOD100 Standard Body Bag
MS-BOD200 Heavy Duty Body Bag
MS-BOD300 Pediatric Body Bag