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MedSource NEW Pro-Fitted Cot Sheet (Sewn Ends)

NEW Pro-Fitted Cot Sheet (Sewn Ends) The Pro-Fitted Cot sheet is specifically designed to shave time off of the cot dressing and give more time to the patient. The cot cover is made of a strong durable emergency linen, designed specifically for emergency services stretchers. This sheet features sewn fitted corners and is fluid impervious.

Item Number Description
MS-42604  Pro-Fitted Cot Sheet with Sewn Ends, 50/cs

MedSource Wool Blankets

MedSource Wool Blankets

MedSource offers a wide range of blankets that proudly meet all of your needs. The soft, warm, durable wool is the perfect blend of quality and affordability.

3 blankets to choose from:

Dark Gray, 80% wool, 66" x 90" Dark Gray, 100% wool, 54" x 90" Dark Gray, 50% wool, 50% blended materials, 54" x 84"

• Durability, Strength, Reliability • Stitched on All Four Sides • Perfect Blend of Materials • Quality & Affordability • Weight: 1200gms

Item Number Description
MS-40520 Wool Blanket, 66” x 90”, 80% Wool, Dark Gray, 10/cs
MS-40521 Wool Blanket, 54” x 90”, 100% Wool, Dark Gray, 10/cs
MS-40522 Wool Blanket, 54” x 84”, 50% wool 50% Blended Materials, Dark Gray, 12/cs

MedSource Disposable Poly-Tissue Pillow Case

MedSource Disposable Poly-Tissue Pillow Case

Our pillow case is 22" x 30" overall with a tissue layout inside that provides the comfort of soft absorbency, while the polyethylene layer on the outside, provides strength and water resistant protection.

White, 100/case.

Item Number Description
MS-44125 Poly-Tissue Pillow Case, 100/cs

MedSource Polyester Emergency Blanket

The wide range & Styles of MedSource blankets proudly meets all your needs from soft, warm, durable wool to our inexpensive disposable blankets.

  • Durable, strength, reliability
  • Perfect blends of material
  • Quality & affordability
  • Reusable & Disposable

Item Number Description Dimensions
MS-40525 100% Polyester Blanket, Blue, 10/cs 50" x 84"
MS-40530 100% Polyester Blanket, Blue, 12/cs 72" x 90"
MS-40540 100% Polyester Blanket, Gray, 25/cs 60" x 80"

MedSource Fleece Emergency Blanket

Extra comfort and warmth for your patient.

  • Multi Purpose
  • Soft Fabric
  • 100% Polyester
  • 60" x 90"
  • Machine Washable

Item Number Description
MS-B500M Fleece Emergency Blanket, Maroon, 60" x 90", 6/cs
MS-B500 Fleece Emergency Blanket, Blue, 60" x 90", 6/cs
MS-40526 Fleece Emergency Blanket, Dark Blue, 60" x 90", 10/cs

MedSource Single Use Emergency Blankets

MedSource offers three different single-use emergency blankets: Mylar, Poly Foam and Poly Tissue. The blankets are designed to keep the patient warm and dry during transport or other emergency situations.

The MedSource Mylar Emergency Blanket is designed to retain the body heat during shock. It is waterproof, and has a reflective surface to provide high visibility. MS-B100, Size: 52” X 82”

The MedSource Poly-Foam Emergency Yellow Blanket is made of a poly-laminate cover adhered to a layer of urethane foam. This blanket keeps the patient warm and dry while awaiting transport. MS-B200, Size 58” X 90”

The MedSource Poly-Tissue Emergency Yellow Blanket is constructed of an absorbent tissue layer secured to a water-resistant backing. This construction offers an ideal economic solution for a disposable yellow blanket. MS-B300, Size 56” x 90“.

Emergency Blankets from MedSource will improve your level of patient care and not increase your budget. Low cost - high quality products from MedSource.

Contact us for a sample. We would be happy to send one to you.

Item Number Description
MS-B100 Mylar Emergency Blanket, 52" x 83", 200/cs
MS-B200 Poly-Foam Yellow Emergency Blanket, 58" x 90", 18/cs
MS-B300 Poly-Tissue Yellow Emergency Blanket, 56" x 90", 24/cs

MedSource Cot Sheets

MedSource Cot Sheets are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations described in detail below.

Fitted Cot Sheet The MedSource Fitted Cot Sheet is made of strong and durable emergency linen, Designed specifically for emergency services stretchers. This sheet features elastic corners for secure fit, soft linen for patient comfort and is fluid repellent.

Flat Sheet These tear resistant sheets are soft to the touch and provide excellent moisture protection. It features a waterproof poly-film layer covered with two exterior layers of tissue.

Heavy-Duty Fitted Cot Sheet Made of spun-bonded polypropylene, the Heavy-Duty cot sheets are fluid resistant and super-strong.

3-Piece Linen Set Everything you need to make up a cot. Includes 1 fitted stretcher sheet, 1 flat stretcher sheet and 1 pillow case.

4-Piece Linen Set Includes 1 fitted stretcher sheet, 1 flat stretcher sheet, 1 pillowcase and 1 highly absorbent underpad.

 Item Number  Description
 MS-001FS Fitted Cot Sheet, Sewn Ends, 50/cs
 MS-001FL Flat Sheet, 50/cs
 MS-001HS Heavy-Duty Fitted Cot Sheet, 50/cs
 MS-003PL Disposable Pillow Case, 100/cs
 MS-003PC 3 Piece Linen Set, 25/cs
 MS-003PCHD 3 Piece Linen Set, Heavy Duty, 25/cs
 MS-004PC 4 Piece Linen Set, 25/cs
 MS-44125 Poly Tissue Pillow Case, 100/cs
 MS-44100 Poly Tissue Flat Sheet, 50/cs
 MS-42210 2 PC Cot Sheet, 25/cs